Why iGUID?

Over the years, iGUID has been catering to even the most exclusive needs of clients various business verticals. There are more to our technology products and services than just being advanced. In fact, the unique traits that we wear unto ourselves relentlessly are what make us one of the best in the business.

These traits are quite unique to our offerings;

Matchless domain expertise: Being an Omni-vertical technical service and solutions provider, we have been in the domain for quite a few years, now. As such, we are able to work closely with each client, realizing their unique requirements, service specifications and other business to ensure that they always get nothing but the best in the business.

A team that knows the pulse of the clients: Since the very meaning of our services and solutions vests with the satisfaction of our clients, we have carved out an exceptional team that works incessantly to realize all the objectives and expectations of our clients, every single time. As the team has steeped themselves with diverse projects from equally distinct enterprises, no client has to ever leave us disappointed.

Solutions that are tailor-made: We know that every client is different as well as their requirements and specifications. As such, we believe that it is a unique element to consider while crafting solutions meant to help the clients run their business better. Hence, we work harder than ever to not just deliver any product and service to our clients; to craft solutions that aptly fit their business needs, visions and philosophies every single time.

Quality is always a winner: At iGUID, quality is certainly is a big deal, and that is also one of the major reasons we don’t involve ourselves with projects we can’t handle at a time. We have conceived, established and maintained various quality systems and methods at iGUID. Such systems help us offer nothing but the best and beyond to all our clients regardless of their size, nature and operational scope. Every service, solutions and product we offer our clients is tested under various quality systems to ensure its versatility.

Affordable and multiple service plans: Our services and products aren’t confined to the biggest in an industry; it is accessible and made for everyone that wants to take advantage of technology and offer their clients with a superior business experience. As such, we have taken so much pain to create a trove of plans affordably reachable by every type of clients—large, medium and small scale businesses alike.

Round the clock customer support: Due to the very nature of the services offered by us, timely, professional and amiable customer service is an essential element to ensure customer satisfaction. As such, we have established a customer support line that will take care of all the concerns of our clients regarding our services and products.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the leader in the digital transformation landscape in chosen markets by crafting inventive, value-adding and end-to-end digital and technology solutions to business in different industry quarters.

Our Mission

Our mission is to constantly work leveraging the latest technological advances to offer our clients with top-notch, affordable and state-of-the-art technology solutions that can help them improve their business productivity, operational efficiency and growth prospects without much spending.

Our Business Values

Our business is created upon a strong and expansive business philosophy created as an excellent confluence of the following business traits;

  • Conscientious offerings
  • Willingness to take calculated risks
  • Futuristic solutions
  • Business transparency
  • Team synergy

Our Industry Laurels and Achievements

Our performance in the domain has helped us don the following laurels;

  • Oracle Platinum Member
  • Cloud Standard Designation (Cloud excellence program)

Our Value Proposition

We work hard unrestrained to help our clients no matter the risks involved. It is our commitment towards the clients to help them protect themselves from the pitfalls of outdated and inefficient technologies. Our solutions are created with the intent of supporting the business become self-aware, self-sufficient and secure the support they need in time, every time.