Health check assessment

Periodic Health Checks are normally done for variety of reasons which includes certification of standard practices, Applications Performance & Security. These are done by our iGUID experts to resolve the important issues by following a pre-defined methodology.

Redundancy in Business Processes: As existing business processes become redundant because of new process or technology, end-users using enterprise applications will not be aligned to the new process and may take deviations.

Applications Features not explored: Capabilities of Technology (Ex: Oracle ERP, BI Apps etc..) features not explored properly in order to deploy solutions as per business requirements will drive for health checks.

Inefficient Consultants: Sometimes the implementation partner may not deploy the best consultants to implement the product leading to business process not mapped correctly to the applications.

Our goal of Solutions Health Check is to evaluate the Environment, assessment of functional & technical architecture designed & build, recommend performance related improvements etc. We firmly believe that like any other implementers whenever any packaged enterprise applications (Ex: Oracle) does not provide with expected return on investment, it’s time for Health Checks.


Manpower Outsourcing

We not only provide skilled manpower, we also provide assistance for recruitment of manpower, temporarily or otherwise. What really sets us apart, is that our consultants have the working experience of the industry and our experts who screen the candidates are amongst the best in the industry. This ensures that they understand the crucial aspects such as formal training, skills, experience and culture required to place right people at the right place.



To ensure that your systems are fully supported and functioning to their maximum capability, constant monitoring of new application versions and patches is required. We offer a Version Upgrade service that will help your organization identify which patches, server configurations and software platforms should be used to maintain system stability. You can also use this service with a new Oracle E-Business Suite (OEBS) version that requires detailed recommendations for the upgrade process.

  • Provide with Upgrade Assessment Services and Solution Framework
  • Upgrade Analyzer Tool for CEMLI Impact Assessment
  • Roadmap for Upgrade Execution and Detailed Plan
  • Strong Upgrade Toolkit (i.e) Methodology, Phases etc
  • Recommendations on hardware and platforms choice to support a new OEBS version


With the economy coming to a standstill, large companies are going to look at the same level of IT services as was before the crash in the economy. iGUID support Services makes more sense for any business, to leverage very subject matter experts to solve their day to day issues. We have a dedicated support Services team to take up the issues. We will work with you to set up an SLA for the services that we offer.

  • Balancing between enterprise standardization and flexibility at the local level.
  • Best-in-class Customization and Integration solutions.
  • Our team can deliver high quality customizations and integrations in line with the best practices
  • Smooth upgrade and migration Rapid return on your ERP investment
implementation 2


From beginning to end, iGUID will partner with your organization throughout all phases of the project lifecycle. By providing expert consultants, customers would enjoy the benefits of a project which progresses rapidly and finishes on time and on budget. We assure you of successful implementations utilizing our qualitative methodologies and maintain relationship during entire implementations. Our Practice Management will follow blended mix of experts – Onsite & Offshore during project estimations and will help customers in reducing costs.


Customizations and extension development for EBS and fusion cloud

While Oracle Fusion Applications provides robust ready-to-use functionality, there may be areas of the applications that you must change to meet your business needs.

With this functionality you can:

  • Customize: For example, you can add an attribute to an existing object or you can change what is displayed on a standard page.
  • Extend: Create a completely new artefact, such as a custom object.

For customizations and extensions, there are three basic scenarios:

  • Personalization
  • Runtime customizations and extensions
  • Design time customizations and extensions

EBS mobile enablement

Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) mobile apps on iOS and Android smartphones enable users to perform needed tasks or take action on Oracle EBS transactions from mobile devices.

Oracle EBS mobile applications are extremely easy to use, because of the user-centred design process and user experience (UX) design principles:

Availability: Available at no additional cost for licensed users of the base applications, these apps are compatible with both Oracle EBS 12.1.3 and 12.2, enabling deployment without having to upgrade.

Simplicity: The application designs are streamlined by choosing the right mobile tasks and includes only what users need to complete their jobs while on the go

Action Ability: Icons, messages, and badges alert users to transactions that need their attention, driving quick and accurate action based on easy-to-read summaries

Consistency: The applications were created using a common set of Oracle’s scientifically tested UX design patterns combined with strong design processes, reusable common components, and mobile development guidelines

Device Integration: The applications leverage mobile platform capabilities, including gesture support and data integration with native applications such as map, contacts, email and camera.


Bespoke Development and integration services

Bespoke software development can help your business:

  • Consolidate and centralise existing business processes
  • Increase the efficiency of data processing and workflow
  • Increase productivity in the workplace
  • Monitor and analyse business trends
  • Ensure the uniformity of business data
  • Adapt to change: Scale solutions to fit with shifting business requirements
  • Develop customer relationships
  • Automate many manual business processes.

EBS active directory integration

For organizations that use Microsoft’s Active Directory (AD), integrating cloud-based SaaS apps is a challenge. SaaS applications typically have their own native directory structure and run outside of a firewall, preventing easy integration with Active Directory.

iGUID solves this integration problem by syncing with Active Directory in real time, allowing you to manage all of your cloud apps using your existing AD directory structure.


SSO and enablement:

  • Provides users with unified sign-on and authentication across all their enterprise resources, including desktops, client-server, custom, and host-based mainframe applications.
  • Provides a centralized framework for security and compliance enforcement
  • Eliminates the need for multiple usernames and passwords
  • Helps enforce strong password and authentication policies
  • Uses any LDAP directory, Active Directory, or any SQL database server as its user profile and credential repository

Corporate Trainings

iGUID provides corporate trainings in structured manner based on the agenda and customer expectations set for the entire program. Contents of the program are shared with the audience and doubts will be clarified. The mission is to enable world class organizations by increase in productivity and performance through their people. We design, develop and deliver a range of innovative learning solutions from interactive workshops focused around Growth, Innovation and Leadership by our experienced analysts and specialists.


On demand POC

If you are uncertain if your business would benefit from migrating from on-premise to cloud.

Our best-in-class On demand POC solutions will reduces time to create, test, provision and deploy applications to the cloud. our POC service enables you to make the key decisions for your business in the cloud.


Managed Services

Our Shared Services for Oracle & Other Application Support provides companies with significant cost savings by optimizing applications, rationalizing resources, improving efficiency by leveraging best practices through continuous process improvement. The service model helps companies focus on core business activities and achieve economies of scale without being intimidated or constrained by IT challenges.

our managed services offering will help you to achieve:

  • Immediate reduction of 30-45% in support costs
  • Additional savings of 5-8 percent spread across the contract duration
  • Commitment service levels with assured year-on-year improvements
  • Outcome-based SLA-driven model for accelerating productivity

Make the Move Today; Get Ahead with iGuid

Cost-effective tailor-made and robust technology-driven solutions are the prime crusades that we look to achieve.Bring the difference of professionalism, technical superiority and custom-made solutions to your business like never before.

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