Oracle Identity Cloud Service provides an innovative, fully integrated service that delivers all the core identity and access management capabilities through a multi-tenant Cloud platform.

With Oracle Identity cloud you can do:

Cost savings: This particular identity management benefit is only realized by automation, increased efficiency and also the removal of redundant physical tasks.
Boosts productivity: New users in an organization will have quicker access to various resources they require for performing their tasks by using ID management. This helps to meet all their needs, keeping them productive and satisfied. In addition, identity management enables users to gain a much better service through the elimination or reduction of errors. Increasing productivity and processing requests faster results in better services to all clients.
Increases security: An important advantage of making use of identity management is that it enhances security. It also increases the capability to have proper controls within a certain environment. This basically means that you have the ability to ensure that only proper individuals have total access to resources in their particular field only and not any more than that.


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