Oracle Exadata is engineered to deliver optimized database performance and efficiency for mixed data, analytics, and OLTP workloads with a full range of compatible deployment options in the public cloud, cloud at the customer and on-premises

Oracle Exadata gives you following benefits:

  • Exadata costs less vs DIY x86 architectures: It is easier to run and manage; eliminates DIY bottlenecks; delivers a 50% lower TCO.
  • Exadata helps you deliver new applications faster: Delivers proven capabilities up and running in weeks, faster performance speeding production testing at scale, and more applications faster-to-market. Oracle Exadata is the simplest to manage Simplified single system patching, management & monitoring. Database team can manage. Single vendor support experience for less effort, fewer errors.
  • Exadata protects your data better than anything else: Extremes of availability with the massive scale-out design. Engineered security and patching: hardware, software and database
  • Oracle Exadata Makes Cloud Easy, Your Way: On-Premises, Exadata Cloud at Customer, Exadata Cloud Service. Identical functionality, performance and management simplifies deployment


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